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Sport empowers kids to believe in themselves

At TenTen Kids Sports we believe that nothing in life affords kids such opportunity to develop positive character traits as sports does. That’s why we’ve developed unique sporting programs, which provide a stepping-stone for kids to improve their game and develop their character.

From developing physically, cognitively and emotionally to building and nurturing self-confidence, our sport programs empower kids to be the best they can be.

Kids participate in positive, safe and engaging environments, regardless of ability, and all kids in our programs have the opportunity to succeed.

We offer a wide range of after school sports programs, lunch hour sports programs, summer camps, March break camps, December break camps and camp specialty sports programs. So, if your kids are between the ages of 4 and 12, then enrol them in our interactive programs.

The benefits:

  • Builds self-confidence
  • Improves hand eye coordination
  • Advances agility and foot speed
  • Develops fitness (cardiovascular function)
  • Enhances classroom focus and brain development
  • Teaches life long skills
  • Encourages group participation
  • Instils sportsmanship
  • Inspires friendships

Our Playbook:

  • Classes are taught by engaging and caring coaches
  • Our coaches act as role model to the kids
  • We ensure that every kid has the opportunity to experience new sports in a fun and easy environment