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Franchising Opportunities

For Franchising opportunities and details, please contact us!


Sport offers a wealth of opportunities

If you love working with children and believe in the benefits that sport can have on a child's development, then we'd love to hear from you.

Become a Tenten Franchisee

Become a part of our team and of your community, knowing that the vision behind the business and every program has been created by sports professionals. We believe that “every kid deserves the opportunity to be in a TenTen Kids Sports program”.

We are a team

We are proud of the over 100,000 kids lives we have enriched through our TenTen Kids Sports programs. Investing in a TenTen Kids Sports franchise gives you the opportunity to work with kids through sports in your own community. We have seen tremendous success with our programs since 2002, and our commitment to your success is just as strong.  

Join us and be a part of our vision.


What territories does TenTen Kids Sports have available?

We are expanding across Canada and USA, so there are multiple Franchise territories available.

What is classified as a territory?

Any area with a minimum of 100,000 people is a potential TenTen Kids Sports territory. Please indicate your area of interest on our “Request For Information” form and we will follow up with you promptly.

What skill set is important for owning a TenTen Kids Sports Franchise?

A positive person who loves working with kids, teaching sport, is self-motivated and dreams of the opportunity to own their own business.  An ideal candidate has a passion for making a difference in their community and in the lives of kids. It could be you! For more information please email us at franchising@tentenkidssports.com

How does the training and onboarding program work?

As a Franchisee you will participate in 1 week of TenTen Kids Sports training.  This includes lesson plans and coaching techniques; additionally, you will learn all aspects of the business including business marketing and developing your territory, administration, operations and finance. By the end of the week you will have the confidence and knowhow to start building your TenTen Kids Sports franchise.

What is the cost of a TenTen Kids Sports territory?

Your total investment to become a franchisee, including your initial training and a turnkey package is $45,000.

What is my potential earning capacity as a TenTen Kids Sports Franchisee?

Many factors play a role in the success of a business, including local market conditions, skills and commitment of the Franchise.  The time spent in developing and building relationships within your territory is very important and will also have an impact on your business. Dedication, effort, focus and passion are fundamental to your success.

Will this business be a full-time commitment?

Devoting yourself full time is the most beneficial way to develop and sustain your business.