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Activity and Brain

Get your kids playing sport - it’s a smart move

Sport isn’t just good for kid’s growing bodies - it’s good for their minds too.

We have an abundance of documentation on how beneficial exercise is for your kids and their brains. But we’d go way into overtime if we have to share all of it with you. Instead we have taken some of the most notable facts and condensed them into our top ten:

  • Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain - increased blood flow means increased nutrients which results in heightened alertness and mental focus  
  • Exercise helps develop and improve cognitive skills which translates to increased concentration, improving performance in the classroom
  • Exercise improves cognitive flexibility, the ability of the brain to shift thinking and produce creative, original thoughts
  • Making quick decisions on the field helps kids build confidence in their problem-solving skills
  • Sport Improves short-term memory
  • Exercise helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus, a region in the brain associated with memory. Kids who exercise show signs of enhanced long-term memory retention
  • Aerobic activity gives kids with ADHD a special boost, altering their brain activity in ways that might enhance self-discipline
  • Physically fit kids have faster reaction times and their brains show evidence of more extensive processing of the task
  • Aerobic exercise produces specific growth factors and proteins that stimulate the brain
  • Kids who play structured sports are identifiably better at following instructions of all kinds
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